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D - o - w - n - l - o - a - d
The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it

"a utility called DeCSS is currently floating around on the Net that will read a DVD movie disc and save the file on a hard disk, minus the encryption. All that’s required is a DVD-ROM drive -- since CD-ROM drives can’t read the 4.7GB DVD movie discs -- and a lot of disc space. The faster the CPU, the faster it will process the file. It takes around 10 minutes to process a .VOB file on a 500MHz Pentium III." read more in Wired
download it from one of these mirrors 1 2 3....... Mirror of Mirrors

Want to use DeCSS to Rip a DVD?
DeCSS is a old program - It dose no longer work on newer DVD titles, so you don't really need to bother with it. Try some of the 2nd generation rippers

Want to backup your DVD's to Divx?
A very easy way is to use the all-in-one program easydivx to make divx from your DVD

Want to know more about DeCSS? check out
How CSS works , DeCSS Central , OpenDVD

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