Posted to the Usenet in the spring of 1995,
it became quite popular and even ended up on the back page of a Danish Magazine for engineers

Use a computer to destroy the earth

From: (Anders Andersen)
Newsgroups: alt.folklore.computers
Subject: Use a Computer to destroy the Earth

Can you destroy the Earth with a computer ?

YES you can,
First you have to find God's computer (it could be
Second, you have to break the password (try Jesus, Adam, Moses or maybe Satan)
Third , run the bat program (se underneath) remember to insert your name.

DELETE Paradise:\*.men
MOVE Anna Nicole Smith TO Paradise:
MOVE Pamela Anderson TO Paradise:
MOVE [ insert name] TO Paradise:
FORMAT Earth:/
INSTALL Continent
INSTALL Bacteria
INSTALL Dinosaur

I don't know if the next will work (There may be a extra password her), but try it anyway

RENAME [insert name] TO God.God

Here are some things to do if you for some reason don't want to destroy the planet

RENAME BillGate.god TO
RENAME Michael_Jackson.wom TO
EDIT Sunrise.ini
COPY Earth:\Africa\Kenya\Lions.anm TO Earth:\Armerica\Usa\New_york\

What ever you do don't forget to do this

ATTRIB [insert name] +R

Anders Andersen
Copenhagen Denmark

PS. please insert " MOVE TO Paradise:" in the bat file

PPS. I suddenly get a horrible thought, what if God is using a Pentium processor in his computer scarely isn't it. But on the other hand that will explain why we have black holes, and why weekends always go faster than the other days, and why girls always look prettier from a distant. SHIT........

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